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Sub Prepaid Meters: Apartments, Cottages, Houses                              


Freehold residential properties often have additional dwellings constructed on them.

These dwellings may be semi-detached from the main dwelling structure or may stand independently on the property. Such structures are often let to a tenant and are considered a good way for landlords to supplement their household income or reduce the amount of their own cash that they must pay to their monthly mortgage installment.

Such situations do however create a problem when it comes to charging for consumption of utilities as freehold properties are generally only fitted with one primary meter.

Please note: Our Company only installs Sub Prepaid Meters.


Eskom and the Electricity Department of Cape Town install Prepaid meters, not Sub-Prepaid Meters.

Electrical Wholesalers only sell Sub Prepaid Meters.

These prepaid sub meters are a means for the landlord, property manager or body corporate to collect money from their tenants before they use electricity.

Our sub prepaid sub meters are fitted in the rental unit next to the distribution board and are suitable for entire blocks of flats, complexes, factories, shops and even granny flats. 

We can install more than one prepaid sub meter per property!

At the end of each month the total revenue collected on the prepaid sub meters is paid to the property owner’s or body corporate’s bank account, who in turn pays the supply authority (eg Council or Eskom). 

Normally there is a 15% administration fee on all transactions for the use of the system. This fee will be recovered when purchasing a token, the tenants are charged this convenience fee, so the Landlord does not pay for this service. When the prepaid sub meter is purchased the meter becomes the property of the owner. 

An application form will need to be completed by the property owner.

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