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Infra Red Survey

Thermal imagers for day-to-day applications in residencial, guest houses and restaurants provide security and prevent damage!    Thermal imagers detect anomalies and weak spots in industrial maintenance and production monitoring quickly and reliably.

Materials and components are tested completely damage-free. Problem zones are ientified before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs. Even the smallest temperature differences can be identified with the high temperature resolution of the imager.

Monitor solar energy systems quickly and efficiently with the solar mode.

You can now easily monitor photovoltaic systems of all sizes in a way that is wide-ranging, contact-less and exceptionally efficient.

This is because the accurate thermal imagers are able to detect malfunctions and make sure that all components are functioning smoothly, ensuring maximum cost effectiveness.

The option of inputting solar radiation intensity offers you even more reliability, and afterwards you will know exactly what you have measured.    

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