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Electrical Inspection, Report towards issuing of Cert of Compliance

Before an Electrical Certificate of Compliance may be issued the following must be done:

1. An Electrical Test, done visually and with Test Instrument must be done.

2. A full report (if any) must be issued, with what was found not to be compliant and a quotation supplied.

The above service costs R950 plus Vat

The issuing of the Certificate of Compliance is R 550.00 plus Vat

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All new, altered, and temporary electrical installations must have a Certificate of Compliance which includes a Test Report.

All work undertaken and the Test Report must conform to SANS-10142.

SANS 10142-1 is also known as the Wiring Code.

SANS 10142-1 covers the following:

Circuits supplied at nominal voltages up to and including 1000Vac


Why is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance required when selling a property?             

In terms of Regulation 7(5) of the Electrical Installation Regulations (OHS ACT of 1993), a change of ownership cannot take place unless there is a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

How long is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance valid?

For the purpose of transfer of ownership, an Electrical Certificate of Compliance older than 2 years may not be used. If any electrical work was done after the certificate was issued, a new Electrical Certificate of Compliance will be required.

What does the Electrical Certificate of Compliance cover?

The Electrical Certificate of Compliance covers: (some examples)

  • The Main Distribution Board and any Sub-Distribution Boards
  • Socket outlets (Plugs) and light switches
  • Wiring – is it in a safe condition and compatible with the circuit breakers in the distribution board
    Circuit Breakers protect the conductors, is this the case.
  • Isolators – have isolators been installed for fixed appliances such as stoves, hot water cylinders (HWC’s), gate and door motors, fans etc.
  • Earthing – all metal parts of the installation need to be earthed.
  • Bonding – HWC pipes, TV antennae and satellite dishes etc.
  • Lighting
  • Bathrooms have many regulations
  • Swimming Pools, Ponds
  • Airconditioners
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Garden Lights
  • Outbuildings
  • Earthing
  • Voltages, insulation readings, earth loop impedance testing